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    April is the perfect time to reflect upon community, connection, and well-being, as it is National Volunteer Month. With each of these values at the core of the experience offered through WaveOffice’s flexible office space, we want to celebrate this month with you. Here are 3 ideas to give back to the community, connect with others, and promote your well-being during National Volunteer Month this April:


    Volunteer search tools, such as Catachfire, make it easy for professionals to volunteer their skills to mission-driven organizations in need. Think of it as the Google of volunteer opportunities. The best part is — you can volunteer from anywhere! Find the best option for you by browsing the listed opportunities based on cause area, skill set, and time commitment

    Pro Tip: Throw a virtual volunteer party!      

    Invite your team members and suite neighbors to virtually volunteer with you during lunch. Even if you are in different locations, you can agree to simultaneously volunteer for the same organization. This is an easy way to facilitate teambuilding, network with other professionals, and volunteer your skill set to an organization in need.


    According to research by America’s Charities, 71% of employees say it is imperative to work for a company with a culture supportive of giving back and volunteering. By creating a community service task force, employees can contribute to charitable decision-making and ensure that opportunities are continuously planned throughout the year. Sending an informative email to your team that highlights the task force’s mission is a great way to gauge interest and draft members.

    Pro Tip: Check your community programming for upcoming volunteer opportunities!

    WaveOffice offers robust programming that includes building-wide volunteer opportunities for customers. Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities while your task force is still being created and to save all future events on your calendars.

    Upholding a company culture and brand identity are important for those businesses looking into flexible office space, and a community service task force will make certain that volunteer opportunities align with a company’s vision and mission.


    88% of millennials say their job is more fulfilling when they have opportunities to impact social and environmental issues in a positive way. April is the perfect time to plan an environmentally driven service challenge, as Earth Day is on April 22nd. Websites like Ecochallenge compile a list of existing eco-friendly challenges that anyone can join, or you can create your own! This is a great way to keep your team engaged, even if they are working from different locations, as the challenge is tracked online.

    Pro Tip: Run a virtual Earth Day inspired race with your team!

    In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, take the celebrations online with The Earth Day Virtual Challenge, a company that facilitates world-wide run, walk, and steps challenges that bands participants together with a single goal in mind: collectively complete the distance around the equator, 24,901 miles, within the month of April, rain or shine.

    Miles are logged online, and a portion of each paid registration goes to the National Park Foundation’s Park Restoration Fund. Paid registered participants even receive a finisher’s medal in the mail! It is not too late to join – reach out to your co-workers and form a team. In doing this, your team will not only positively impact the environment, but also their own health and well-being.

    Happy volunteering!

    In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we recommend that anyone taking part in volunteer opportunities takes the appropriate social distancing measures, in line with the recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or conducts these events once the shelter-in-place measures have been lifted.