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    As ranked by over 1,500 Chief Executive Officers across the globe, the most crucial factor for future success is not discipline, integrity, or vision – but creativity. Especially as corporate leaders recognize the complexity that will accompany their industries’ growth in upcoming years, creativity is viewed as the great differentiator and for a good reason. Companies that embrace creativity outperform their peers with higher revenues, greater market shares, and more recognition as a best place to work, which is why 82% of executives believe creativity to be transformative to their business. Yet, 61% of business leaders do not view their companies as creative

    This disparity lies not in a person’s capacity to imagine, but rather in their belief regarding creative origins. Nearly half of adults do not consider themselves to be creative, despite enjoying artistic hobbies. While creativity is notoriously regarded as a byproduct of genetics, research indicates that exposure and experience are fundamental in fostering creativity. Cultivating creativity starts with belief, and creative confidence is proven to grow through intentional, mental exercises. Here are our top four activities to boost your creativity throughout the workday. 


    The mere act of viewing art or reading literature is proven to imbue an individual with inspiration, which results in more creative business solutions. In an experiment conducted by the Journal of Business Research, one-half of participants were asked to view Van Gogh’s paintings or Bob Dylan’s song lyrics for three minutes before brainstorming ideas for a new computer keyboard and the brand name for a new pasta product. The other half of participants were tasked with brainstorming solutions to the business-related problems immediately. The group exposed to art for three minutes were significantly more creative in their answers than their counterparts. This proves that creativity induced through art, even when unrelated to a subsequent task, can continue to inspire. Thus, decorating your desk with artwork and inspiration is an excellent way to spark inspiration throughout your workday, no matter what industry you are in!


    According to Columbia professor, Adam Galinksy, “foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth,” both of which are crucial to the widening of one’s creative capacity. While these foreign experiences might entail living abroad or extensive travel, they need not be so drastic. Taking a class on an unfamiliar subject will enhance one’s cognitive flexibility and depth in the same way. WaveOffice is continually offering its customers a wide variety of community programming and fitness center classes. Taking a quick break to participate in one of these classes is an easy way to harness creativity throughout your workday. 


    While doodling is often viewed as a distraction, and perhaps one you subconsciously do in long, tedious meetings, it is proven to act as a doorway to creative thinking when done intentionally. Doodling induces creative thinking as verbal content is broken into images, ultimately allowing anindividual toexplore a topic more deeply. In fact, doodling helps people remember more. Researchers discovered that doodlers could recall 29% more information when listening to a lecture than their peers. This is due to the creative thinking invoked through doodling and the stress relief experienced through doing it. Doodling is an effective way to enhance your creativity in the workplace, although it might seem distracting!


    You read that right – our last recommended activity entails doing nothing at all. According to the Harvard Business Review, boredom is proven to have benefits that enhance the creativity of one’s work. In an experiment conducted at the University of Central Lancashire, one group of participants were intentionally led to boredom by being asked to complete the mundane task of copying numbers to a phone book, while the control group of participants were dismissed of the phone book assignment. Both groups were then asked to generate as many uses as possible for a pair of plastic cups. The group tasked with copying phone numbers produced significantly more responses than the control group. This is just one experiment of many that highlights the creativity sparked after boredom. When one completes a boring task, they are more likely to enter a “daydreaming” state that enhances their creativity after completing the task – so the next time you take a break, do nothing at all and let inspiration ensue!

    At WaveOffice, we believe in our customers’ creative abilities and are committed to creating an environment where it can thrive. Whether through the art that outfits our suites, the classes offered through our community programming, or the space in which our customers can collaborate, creativity is always at the core of the workday in a WaveOffice suite.