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    Long before masks became everyday attire, handshakes became taboo, and hand sanitizer became a hot commodity, health and wellness trends in and out of the workplace were booming at an unprecedented rate. With most millennials citing wellness benefits as a big motivator, employers across America have placed a priority on their company’s health culture. Over 69% of employers with more than 50 employees had wellness programs going into 2019, and large companies are expected to invest an average of $3.6 million on wellness programs this year. For many, pre-pandemic wellness meant forgoing office donuts for an apple, climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator, or finding time for some fresh air on the rooftop. Now, as the novel coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe, health is being viewed in an entirely new light – one that is inclusive of more sanitation, social distancing, and working from home.

    As offices reopen in the post-pandemic world, wellness in the workplace will have a more holistic approach. Health initiatives will not only be trendy, but necessary for a safe return to the office, and will mean more than opting for a salad instead of chips. At WaveOffice, wellness is centric to our mission, so we have compiled our top tips to stay healthy and happy as you begin to return to work this fall:


    The average cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day – roughly the same amount of times someone touches their face. While cellphones are paramount to a productive workday, especially as teleworking has boomed, cleaning your device daily is imperative to keeping you healthy. Moisture can interfere with a phone’s function, so avoid spray cleaners and heavy-duty products. Disinfecting wipes will do the trick. Ensure you have disinfected the entire device, as well as the phone case.


    Perfecting your handshake might be a lost art. The coronavirus has eliminated all forms of physical contact, so although the handshake has persisted since the 5th century B.C., it likely will not be a part of your workday routine for a long time, if ever again. Luckily, there are so many other forms of gestures of acknowledgement that are just as valuable as the handshake. Our favorite no-touch motion is the wave – no pun intended – but a head nod or slight bow are also widely accepted across many different cultures!


    To stay healthy in the workplace, you must be healthy in the workplace. That means being cognizant of your day-to-day health and staying home if you feel a little under the weather. Separating oneself from sick coworkers was a high priority for many even before the pandemic, especially around flu-season. While before a slight sniffle and fever might have not stopped you, there is a heightened sense of caution now. Remain aware of how you are feeling each day and if you ever feel sick, staying home is the healthiest option for you and your coworkers.

    Staying healthy still entails eating the right foods, making time for exercise, allowing oneself to destress. Those things should not be forgotten. However, there is a new sense of responsibility when it comes to creating a healthy work environment.

    Our recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg of things you can do to stay healthy, but we hope they might find their way into your daily routine. We are so excited for everyone to make a safe return to WaveOffice, where wellness will continue to be a top priority for all.