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    Most workers have traded their commutes for a few extra minutes of sleep, heels for house-shoes, and co-workers for pets as the number of Americans remote working has spiked from 8% to 61% within the last five months. The remote working environment is uncharted territory for many. While some individuals are citing a reduction of in-person meetings and small talk as the catalyst for their productivity, others are finding it hard to remain motivated as their personal and professional boundaries blur.

    Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to the WaveOffice experience – and lucky for you – that experience exists beyond our flexible office spaces. We believe the workday can be fruitful whether you are in the office or working from home, but every person cultivates productivity differently. No matter your situation, we want to ensure you have the resources to work from home effectively. Here are our tips and tricks to support your productivity while working from home:


    Remote workers save two to five and a half hours a day by forgoing a commute and in-person meetings, but you should not automatically waive off your alarms. Preserving a workday structure is essential to keeping your professional life separate from your personal life despite not changing environments throughout the day. In fact, it keeps you more focused during your working hours. In maintaining a morning routine and establishing set starting and ending times for your workday, you sustain a work-life balance by clearly defining your work period. Interweaving personal and professional responsibilities depletes your focus, so you should avoid performing chores, such as doing laundry or cleaning, during this period. Instead, using the extra time to meditate, read, or cook meals is a great way to detach from work altogether and reset your mind. Breaks should be breaks; they are not the time for you to catch up on personal tasks. You may not physically be leaving an office at the end of a workday, but you can mentally leave your work behind with a firm workday structure.


    Some remote workers still have a commute, even if it is merely to another room in the house. 43% of remote workers set-up a designated workspace to stay productive, and only use that space during their working hours. This designated workspace could be a home office for some, a spare bedroom for others, or the kitchen table for those with little space. Regardless of the location or size, your remote workspace does not need to be dull or unwelcoming. Just as you would at your office desk, decorating your area with photographs, candles, notepads, motivational signs, and favorite coffee mugs allows you to feel comfortable in the environment and increases productivity by 32%. You may be living and working under the same roof, but there can still be a clear divide between your personal and professional space. 


    Without the sometimes-distracting coffee break chatter of the office, you may feel that your day is more productive; however, social interactions support cooperation and alleviate loneliness. There is plenty of videoconferencing software to support collaboration with your co-workers during remote working, allowing you to see, hear, and interact with them almost as if you were in person. Socializing with them on both work-related and personal topics is vital to preserving the cohesiveness of your company, thus improving productivity. Though physical interactions are limited due to remote working constrictions, reaching out to your co-workers virtually will benefit everyone involved


    Drinking enough water can increase productivity by up to 14%. In the office, in-person meetings may have tied you to a conference room or calls on the desk phone may have tethered you to your cubicle, making it difficult to hit the break room for a water break. On the other hand, a water source is always only a few steps away during remote working. With no in-person meetings and the mobility of cellphones, there is no excuse to not be drinking water throughout the day, especially when it enhances your physical wellbeing and cognitive abilities. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that the average man consumes 15.5 cups of water and the average woman consumes 11.5 cups daily.


    Listening to music while working increases happiness, reduces anxiety, supports productivity, and assists with concentration. In office settings, headphones are often not permitted, and blaring music for the entire floor to hear may not be well-received by your co-workers. While working remotely, you can take advantage of new opportunities to improve your focus, such as playing some tunes during your working hour


    Both active and passive exposure to greenery and nature is proven to enhance the cognitive health of those who expose themselves to it, even for short amounts of time. Whether you prefer to take a stroll through a nearby park or set-up your workstation near a window with greenery, your productivity will likely improve. While working remotely, you can pick a workspace with a view, for once. Take advantage of it!

    With millions of workers navigating the remote working environment for the first time, we understand it can be challenging to maintain productivity. At WaveOffice, we always have our customers’ best interests in mind. With our tips and tricks, we hope to keep you and your company successful both in and out of the office space.