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  • Walks Around Wave: Top 5 Lunch Spots within 5 Minutes of WaveOffice @ Clarendon Square
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    The only thing worse than overdoing it on the holiday leftovers for lunch is realizing that your office is surrounded by only sub shops and Starbucks. American workers already feel a stigma about taking a lunch break, and a lack of quality food options is not helping. With time constraints being the main contributor to this lunch-time anxiety, the often unreliable and sometimes more timely delivery option can make lunch more of a hassle than a break. While this may be the narrative for millions of workers across the nation, lunchtime at Clarendon Square feels a lot different.

    Whether you are looking for a mom-and-pop shop, a nationwide staple, or the best place to restock your condiment stash, WaveOffice at Clarendon Square is strategically located to put endless dining experiences within reach. A five-minute walk around the building brings customers food options of every style and cuisine, making it easy to prioritize lunch regardless of your schedule. The hardest part is not if to eat, but where to eat – and we are here to help make that decision a little easier. Below are our top five lunch spots within a five-minute walk of WaveOffice at Clarendon Square:


    With a mouthwatering smell that often drifts from its doors, you can ditch the phone and trust your nose when finding this award-winning barbecue house. Just 0.2 miles from Clarendon Square, Smokecraft puts a modern spin on barbecue, using techniques “tested and perfected on the competition circuit” to constantly push the boundaries of barbecue. Offering a six-page, user-friendly menu of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, entrees, sides, drinks, and cocktails, Smokecraft has something for both the herbivore and the meat-eater. In fact, their collard greens won 1st place at the 2019 Currituck Heritage Festival. With a full list of accolades recognizing their superb wings, ribs, chicken, pork, sides, and dessert, Smokecraft is perfect for a solo-lunch or an impression-making group experience.


    A straight 0.2 mile walk down Wilson Boulevard puts endless food options at your fingertips with Clarendon’s Whole Foods Market and with its fresh produce, in-house bakery, frozen meals and hot bar, this staple easily earns its spot on our list. Whether you forgot salad dressing, need to satisfy a kombucha craving, or are looking for a hot plate, Whole Foods puts healthy and convenient options right in front of you – literally. Café seating gives you the option to dine away from your desk, yet ready-to-go options give you comfort that you can get back to the office in a hurry, if needed. With early-morning and late-evening hours and convenient parking, Whole Foods is not only a great lunch option, but ideal for breakfast and dinner, too.


    With industrial chic design, quality-sourced coffee, simply and hearty food, fresh-squeezed juices, and an all-encompassing selection of beer and wine, this is not your ordinary café. Kaldi’s Social House is the neighborhood’s trendy coffeehouse that offers a unique experience, whether it be for breakfast, lunch, mid-day coffee, happy hour, or dinner. Offering favorites such as the crunch granola bowl, the lemon ricotta French toast, the vegan Italian breakfast sandwich, the winter umami salad, and the butternut squash carbonara, eating healthy at Kaldi’s is neither bland nor expensive. Soft, café style seating makes a dine-in experience comfortable, while its 0.3 mile walk from Clarendon Square makes it guiltless, too.

    With free internet connection, Kaldi’s Social House is the perfect place for a working lunch away from your desk, giving you a trendy change of scenery.


    Goody is not lying when he says “Pizza, Subs, & More.” Serving Mexican street tacos right alongside Neapolitan pizza, Goody’s offers two of the globe’s favorite foods, plus pupusas, salads, subs, and burritos. Nestled just 500 feet from the doors of Clarendon Square in a snug cottage, the proximity of Goody’s might be the only thing more comforting than its food. At $3 a taco and $12 a pizza, Goody’s is an affordable option that is hard to resist. If breakfast for lunch is more your style, the classic breakfast sandwiches of this family-owned business are regarded as one of the best in the city. Whatever your style may be, Goody’s Pizza, Subs, & More has something for you.


    We thought our offices offered a lush design – that is until we stepped into Ambar Clarendon. With live greenery dangling from the ceiling and gorgeous green seating decorating the dining floor, Ambar Clarendon offers a true ‘Balkan Experience.’ Lauded by the Michelin Guide as a top European restaurant, its “all-you-can-eat” express lunch option for $25 is hard to pass up. Offering soups, salads, mezze, baked goods, grilled meats, and slow cooked delicacies, the menu is all-encompassing. With its world-famous Balkan Hospitality, eating at Ambar Clarendon is truly an experience that will impress anyone. Only 300 feet from the building, incredible dining is literally just one minute away.

    Lunch in a time crunch is never fun, but at Clarendon Square you’ll never need to run. With award-winning dining experiences of every pace and cuisine just a short walk away, WaveOffice customers have infinite lunch options to explore!